All the product that CARGO LIFT mades or commercializes have OBVIOUS ADVANTAGES in relation to the general cargo products and are produced under a strict quality control and with the most advanced technology in order to offer the client the best option in the cargo lifting.

CARGO LIFT has as company philosophy that all the product we made or commercialize have at least an obvious advantage in relation to the products that can be found in the Mexican market. In addition we are concerned to give the best professional and personal service to our clients.

This philosophy has led us to develop star products, as well as to associate with world level brands that are concerned and commune for the same ideals of Cargo Lift.


Cargo Lift has personnel with experience of more than 30 years and has its central office, warehouse and factory in Mexico City.

Besides has two branches: one in Veracruz with business offices and warehouse and another one in Ciudad del Carmen with business offices, warehouse and factory.

We also have more than 10 distributors at national level in the states where we don't have physical presence.

Cargo Lift is a member of:

We divide our products and service in three big families:

We are sure to be your best option for the supplying of cargo products, as well as the counseling, training, inspection and stress test of your products, due to the continuous improvement, team work and closeness to the people. We invite you to know us! We are a 100% customer oriented company!

Ask also for our areas of articulated cranes and Cerco Lift.

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The best beginning of the year with the greatest Sales in Cargo Lift
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