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Premio al mejor vendedor de CM de el segundo semestre de 2016
Premio al mejor vendedor de CM de el segundo semestre de 2016
El día de hoy viernes 10 de marzo de 2017, Oseir García, Marketing Manager de Columbus McKinnon y Erick Bazán, entregaron en Cargo Lift el premio al ganador del programa Lift Star que fue Cargo Lift con un crecimiento en ventas de el 178% en el segundo semestre de 2016.
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Urban, residential and security triple knot fence
The best high security fence you can buy, and the cheapest too!
Pac-Flex chain mesh slings
Cargo Lift produces this novelfangled product likewise in partnership with Liftex and it´s a great solution for all steel lifting products like sheets, profiles, angles, soles, rods and any other product with sharp edge and cuts the synthetic slings.
Synthetic round slings
Cargo Lift produces synthetic slings in partnership with Liftex brand, one of the oldest brands in the world since it has manufactured them since 1955. Liftex sends us the raw material and Cargo Lift produces slings according to Liftex’s quality standards and with its experience of more than 60 years.