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Premio al mejor vendedor de CM de el segundo semestre de 2016
Premio al mejor vendedor de CM de el segundo semestre de 2016
El día de hoy viernes 10 de marzo de 2017, Oseir García, Marketing Manager de Columbus McKinnon y Erick Bazán, entregaron en Cargo Lift el premio al ganador del programa Lift Star que fue Cargo Lift con un crecimiento en ventas de el 178% en el segundo semestre de 2016.
Recommended products
Rebar DA-6000
The grade 60 corrugated rebar is cold-laminated and provides the highest resistance in rebars and the highest ductility.
Caldwell Lifting solutions
Cargo Lift is official distributor of Caldwell in Mexico. Caldwell is leader in the manufacture of special cargo products. With its lines strong-Bac, Mill Duty, Posi, Turner, Univac, Rig-Release, Rig Master, Lif-Truc y Krane-King.
Galvanized wires: Hardware, Farming, Industrial, Fine, Soft, Annealed wire.
Cargo Lift has the exclusive distribution at national level of Vicinay Chains, which have the highest quality standards in the market.